Rubber Duck Xinwu (Taoyuan, Taiwan).

2 Blue Sparrows during Rock Werchter 2013

Rubber Duck Hong Kong 2013

Little Factory, Drachten (NL)

Rubber Duck Osaka

The Lookout Rabbit from beginning till end!

Steelman in progress part 2.

Fat monkey project at Sao Paulo, Brazil.

@ the site on the opening of the show.

The work 2 Treehouses can be seen at the Haque.

Happening with 600 students and bikes.

Rubber Duck Osaka spin off.

Michael Moore could be seen during the Festival aan de Werf, Utrecht, may 2009.

Short documentary by Canal 180.

Rubber Duck at the Summer Palace, Beijing (CH).

Making off the Feestaardvarken (Partyaardvark) project.

Opening ceremony Rubber Duck @ Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.

Insight of the opening of the Sydney Festival (AU).

Mickey the Pig at Arte, Strasbourg (FR).

Small portrait on Deutsche Welle TV, Euromaxx.

Steelman from beginning untill end.

Steelman in progress part 3.

The 5 paper boats documentairy!

The rubber duck Belgium.

One of the Rubber Duck Osaka movies found on the internet.

Rubber Duck at Hasselt, Belgium, june 2009.

Rabbit Candybottle could be seen during Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam, may 2009.